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Terrarium is a site specific sound art installation using cycling 74's MAX software to control motors which vibrate large sheets of plastic. The transparent plastic sheets act as an unstable barrier between an artificial natural environment on the inside and what we normally refer to as the natural one on the outside.
A higher quality audio sample of Terrarium:
Capillarium is an amplified performance instrument created by David Dupuis and myself in 2003. Contact microphones amplify the sound of water dripping on an assortment of found objects. One performer controls the rate of dripping and can also play the objects as percussion instruments. The amplified signals are mixed and processed in real time by the other performer. This documentation was shot and edited by Sarah Riemers.
A composition of mine made by remixing and manipulating recorded material from Capillarium sculpture performances (see above) into a new piece:
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No Live Bodies is a site-specific sound installation for the concert stage. It is also a drone-based drum solo for no drummer. A MAX/MSP patch controls cell phone motors which vibrate the cymbals and drum heads, eliciting resonate frequencies from each drum. Sampled audio from automated telephone operators (asking questions, getting no answers) is also heard from inside the drum set. No Live Bodies invokes our anxieties for the loss of both live-ness and aliveness.